Feng Shui is the art of balancing energy throughout any given space. A building, a room, even a desk can be balanced using Feng Shui. The balancing of energy is believed to increase a persons health, prosperity, relationships and even sexual drive. Below are 6 tips on how to improve your sex life and sexual energy using Feng Shui methods.

  1. Express Your Intent In A Visual Format. This can be an art piece, a photo, or a small sculpture. From a photo of lovers to a small golden sculpture of Shiva & Shakti in sexual union – only you know what you emotionally respond to. Place your feng shui sex cure in the Northwest area of your home or your bedroom. The point here is to display explicit sexual art to increase the output of sexual energy.
  2. Ylang-Ylang Oil. One single drop of ylang-ylang oil on a piece of unfinished pottery on a nightstand beside your bed every night is a major sex-drive enhancement. Rose oil is another great one to try, but the ylang-ylang is a powerful libido enhancement.  Also, ladies, clove oil is thought to powerfully attract men. Though truly not my cup of tea, it’s pretty fascinating.
    Feng Shui Sex Tips
  3. Be Mindful. Ultimately, sex is a powerful yin-yang energy exchange, thus you need to be mindful of the quality of your own energy and the energy of who you are with. In the world of feng shui energy, like attracts like, so be what you want to attract.
  4. Sleep Often. In 2005, a study by the National Sleep Foundation found that close to 25% of couples in the United States have lost interest in sex because they are always so tired. Chapter 4 of the Kama Sutra explicitly includes an afternoon nap in the list of vital activities in every man’s day to prepare to “receive women.” I fully understand that this is not realistic for many of you, but weekend naps often are doable. Do them! Take the time to refill your “sleep bank” so you don’t suffer mentally, emotionally and hormonally.
  5. Get Closer. A queen-size bed is the largest that I recommend. In anything larger than a queen, you never have to touch your bedfellow. It’s like being in separate countries. Touching means connecting. Connecting means Intimacy.
  6. Color Is Important. Try a set of red sheets. Red is a powerful and auspicious color in Feng Shui and red sheets will add heat to your loving. However, don’t make them your everyday sheets– all that energy will make it hard to get to sleep.
  7. Clutter Free. First of all remove all clutter so positive energy can flow throughout the room. Clutter blocks the flow of ch’i. You should also remove anything reminding you of past lovers. Photos, love letters, presents and gifts, anything that reminds you of the past should be removed.