Portrait Photographer Daphne Weld Nichols Shoots Stallone

by aidanparinger

Sylvester Stallone's Mother, Jackie Stallone

Jacqueline Stallone, world famous astrologer, best selling author, and mother to super star Sylvester Stallone and Grammy award winner, Frank Stallone came to visit us at Fantasy Photography, recently.

We had first met her 20 years ago when she licensed our game, “Tell a Fortune”, an astrological card reading kit. She knew that we also did portrait photography and she said that she had always wanted to do some campy, sexy boudoir photos for her beloved husband Stephen for his birthday. There was no time like the present! We found a lovely piece of black lingerie for her to wear during her session with the portrait photographer. She loved it and looked great in it.

The session with the portrait photographer lasted a good part of the day as do most of our sessions with our portrait photographer. We had filled the studio with red roses and during the sitting Jackie asked our portrait photographer if she could place one of the long stemmed red roses in her mouth as she posed on the chaise. We shot that pose; she looked great, and loved the results she saw on the monitor.

As it turned out this was Sylvester’s favorite portrait from the portrait photography session. We had sent her an album of 20 great images from boudoir photos and glamour photos to classic black and white portraits. He saw all of them in the album and took the campy portrait of Jackie lying on the chaise with a red rose between her teeth to hang on his office wall.

Daphne was thrilled that he loved this particular portrait of his mother which may be why he invited us as to be his guest at the red carpet premier of his movie, “Rambo”, in Los Vegas at Planet Hollywood. He turned the tables on us. We had dinner with him the night before the premier. The evening was filled with great discussions about life, karma and many other philosophical subjects. His looks were more handsome than on screen, he was very witty, articulate, and well read. The next day we were again totally surprised as we were invited to walk down the Red Carpet with Jackie, Sylvester Stallone, his wife Jennifer and Governor Arnold Swatzenagger! While the paparazzi were shooting us Daphne was shooting them. What a surreal experience for a Boston portrait photographer!

As a special gift to Jackie, we made up some greeting cards using the same image that was Sylvester’s favorite for her to send to her friends and gloat because her body looked so good. Knowing that she has a fantastic Sagittarius sense of humor, we inserted this verse inside the card:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue

I’m related to Sylvester Stallone

Don’t you wish you were too!

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