Using Portrait Photography To Boost Self Esteem

by aidanparinger

The Importance of Healthy Self Esteem

Self esteem is vital to a happy and healthy mental life. Healthy self esteem give us a happier outlook and makes us more sociable and attractive because we feel good about ourselves, and therefore we feel good about others. In a confrontational society, it can be difficult to maintain a positive and healthy self esteem because of the constant barrage of criticism from others, which eventually turns into self criticism. So how can we maintain and keep our healthy self esteem? The answer may surprise you and this article will give you three methods that can help.

The Psychological Approach

The most common solution to boosting self esteem is the psychological approach. One can visit a therapist or counselor and work on boosting self esteem together. For many this is very helpful. Another psychological approach is through hypnosis or self hypnosis, and there are plenty of self esteem tapes and CDs available that you can use in the home to maintain your self esteem. Finally there is a relatively new approach, self help motivational subliminal message software that you run on your computer (although some subliminal message programs are audio only approaches that come on a cassette or CD). The subliminal message approach is often the fastest way of boosting self esteem.

The Fashion Approach

They say “Clothing makes the person.” and there are many books and helpful articles on how to develop and use a good fashion sense so the clothes you wear flatter you and make you look more attractive. You may have heard, “Always wear vertical stripes, they make you look thinner”, and the “pin stripe suit”, for both women and men, conveys an image of strength and importance in any business situation.

But it’s not always wise to follow the latest trend. If baggy pants are “hot”, you can stop and say “Do these make me look good, or are they just a trend?

Wearing flattering clothes helps your outward appearance because it makes you attractive to others, and when they compliment you “What a great outfit you have on” and so on, this boosts your self esteem. Such compliments actually tell you important things about your self. They tell you that you have some fashion sense, that you choose clothing wisely and well, and that you are smart, smart enough to use clothing to enhance your appearance. It also tells you that they want to be your friend, and that is always a self esteem booster.

The Photographic Approach

You may not have considered this, but portrait photography can also boost your self esteem. We all know how many people are camera shy. It’s easy to understand why. Many home pictures – snapshots –  can be pretty awful! Even with a good camera, the lighting is bad, the angle is bad, the picture is out of focus, etc. The photographer is as important – if not more so – than the equipment. This is why it is important to use the services of a good portrait professional photographer who knows what he or she is doing.

An expert portrait photographer can create a portrait of you that is really your true image! He or she will light you, pose you and photograph you in your best light and your best side. He or she may see angles and lines that show you off to great advantage. The image is you, the difference is that a professional portrait photographer brings out your inner beauty in ways that work specifically well with the way the camera sees you, so the resulting image is flattering, attractive and complimentary. Other people who see your photograph begin to look at you differently. Thanks to the photograph they see beautiful things about you that they did not see before.

Many people will schedule a portrait photography session because they are dissatisfied with the pictures they have of themselves; and some people book sittings because they need an excuse, for example a gift for a special occasion. They often feel that they never take a good picture themselves and have self doubts that such a thing is possible. But in reality, they are doing it to feel better about themselves, to feel more attractive, and to enhance their feelings of self worth. A professional portrait photographer knows this intuitively, appreciates this need, and responds with compassion and techniques to help. Many people do not see themselves properly, they see a reflection in a mirror that is a one angle image and is reversed! But the photographer sees the nuances and angles that the client does not know about and brings them out in the photograph to show off their inner beauty.

When you see the final result of a professional portrait photography session, you may be amazed! You will see you in a whole new way, and that boosts your self esteem. This becomes your visual affirmation. You may even want to keep your own picture on a desk or table so you see how handsome or beautiful you really are!


There are ways to manage and boost self esteem that counter the crushing problems of criticism, either from others or the self. This article told you three of them:

  1. using psychological tools(counseling, hypnosis, subliminal message software),
  2. fashion and attire (clothing, color, and tailoring) and
  3. professional portrait photography.

When we use these tools, any one or all three in combination, we can boost our self esteem and maintain it at a higher level. This makes life more enjoyable and makes us more outgoing and attractive to others.

To learn more about self esteem boosting subliminal message software or to see the beautiful self esteem boosting images that can be created by a professional portrait photographer, please click on the links provided below.

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